27 and steady

Although I haven’t been as regular with posting as I would have liked (ahh, the inevitable bloggers-guilt), these past two months have flown by due to bridal duties. I’m not talking my own wedding here but rather friend’s weddings. This downtime has given me a chance to indulge my craft skills by making keepsakes for my bride-to-be friends, planning and hosting a 45-person Russian bridal shower at my house (more on this next week…) and general coordination/detail orientated tasks. Many trips have been made to Michael’s, the art supplies store; it’s really fascinating/rewarding what focused work can achieve! Because I’m asking a lot from my motor functions all of these things take time and can be tiring activities for me. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it (1 AM iPhone notes about decor ideas and keepsake boxes revealed I’m actually into this stuff). Plus it’s always a nice feeling putting a smile on your good friend’s face 🙂

And yes, I age-dropped (my post title) but I guess it’s okay to do that when you’re still in your 20’s.  After 29, it becomes more of a secret. For my birthday this year, I had a wonderful Greek dinner with old friends and their accompanying mothers. It was too adorable. To see friends whom I’ve known for decades and their mothers together with my sister and mum was incredible. Despite the torrential downpour that ensued on the drive over and the odd placement of the restaurant, we doubled over in laughter over our childhood antics and the weirdness we participated in as youths. I drove home, my belly full and mind drunk with happiness, satisfaction and love.